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vacume cleaning

This division of Urgent Detergent is designed for you to schedule, in advance, the deep cleaning of those parts that need regular attention throughout the year.

Curtains are normally associated with light, security and design. Another unlikely function they perform is dust collection. Regular vacuuming of your curtains is recommended.

Once a year we recommend you have your curtains steam cleaned in situ. This will rejuvenate the fabrics by penetrating deep inside. The colours will brighten significantly and any odour eradicated. If you suffer from symptoms like asthma, steam cleaning your curtains will ensure the air quality in your home remains pleasant due to reduced airborne dust.

Carpet steam cleaning is also essential at least once a year to keep the pile in a good healthy condition. With regular vacuuming you are able to keep your carpets looking good but a deep steam clean every year will keep your carpets at their best.

Our service includes moving the furniture so every square foot of carpet gets a healthy cleaning.

Upholstery is another item that benefits from a regular deep steam clean. Like sleeping on clean sheets, relaxing on a freshly steam cleaned sofa is oh so much more pleasant.

Finally, regular window cleaning, inside and out, for better light and clearer views.

Booking is made simple using our online schedule. Once you decide the items you wish to be deep cleaned and when, we will visit your home to inspect the fabrics and price the service